Our Company

31 03 2008


We at Teamworx Ventures seek to provide effective, relevant and cost-efficient training to groups of people in the workplace. The workplace would be any venue where people conduct their businesses; whether it is in sales, customer service, outreach or simply the business of dealing with people. Thus, Teamworx Ventures lives by its mission, “Equipping professionals. Improving the workplace.”

The company was organized in early 2005. Although relatively young, its roster of trainers and facilitators are highly experienced in the training industry. Each trainer is currently involved in a full-time profession which involves numerous training activities.

Some of our clients include youth groups, manufacturing companies, destination management teams, aviation schools and more. The diversity of our clients continually challenges our flexibility and ability to create training and teambuilding activities best suited to each one.

We are in the business of equipping people to bring out their potential and make them a valuable contribution toward improving their workplace.

You and your team deserve the best! Let Teamworx Ventures lead you and your company to greater heights through professional, highly-profitable and fun-filled activities.